Agenda The Experience
On Creativity & Innovation: Pointing the Way to Sustainable Productivity 
TYPE Tools & Toys Boardroom
LOCATION Meeting Quarter 1
DATE Wednesday, January 14, 2009 
TIME 02:30 PM - 04:00 PM 
H.E. Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohammed al-Owais, Minister of Culture Youth & Community Development, UAE (TBC)
 - Prof. Dr. Mark Harris, Global Director, Intel Higher Education & Research Programs
 - Tunde Kallai, Co-Founder, European Network of Living Labs
 - Nicola Villa, Global Director Connected Urban Development, IBSG, Cisco 
 - Kittikorn Kewkacha, President & CEO, Phuket Fantasea Public Company
 - Carlo Masseroli, Alderman for Urban Territory Development, Milan, Italy 
 - T.H. Dr. Alexiei Dingli, Mayor, Valetta, Malta
 - Prof. Lizbeth Goodman, Chair of Creative Technology Innovation, University of East London & Director, SMARTlab & Futurelab UK
 - Rami Al Karmi, CEO, Shabakat Al Ordon

T.H. Austin Gatt, LL.D., M.P.

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications
Republic of Malta

Navigating past today's crisis and mapping new growth opportunities requires a renewed commitment to creativity and innovation. In this context, a number of priorities arise as to the role and influence of disruptive ICT innovations, social media, biodiversity, nanotechnology, and solar thermal technologies in the economic and social development of Future Capitals. This session addresses how the current global recession must point the way to improved creativity and sustainable productivity.

This session examines six critical priorities for 2009-2015:
On Experience  Design More than Meets the Eyes: How to co-create designs that speak, smell & touch? 
On Mobility   Turning Wireless Innovations Antenna On: How to spot your next Future Capital? 
On Transparency When Innovation Meets Transparency: Why do we need the Financial Internet? 
On ICT Innovations Innovations Saving Future Capitals: How to make ICT light the way?
On Living Labs Arab Living Labs: How to attract the innovative class and institutions?
On Mass Creativity Mass Creativity in a Changing World: Who retains top-down control?   

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