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On Sustainability: Pointing the Way to Slim, Green and Blue Capitals 
TYPE Candlelit Boardroom 
DATE Wednesday, January 14, 2009 
TIME 02:30 PM - 04:00 PM 
Emilio Ambasz, Award Winning Architect & Industrial Designer
 - Dr. John Gathright, Founder, Growing Villages
 - Dr. Aldo Iacomelli, Founder & Renewable Energy Expert, E-Cube
 - Dr. Agni Vlavianos Arvanitis, President and Founder, Biopolitics International Organisation
 - Stephen Asher, Executive Vice President International, Neuwing Energy Ventures
 - Lindy Joubert, Director, UNESCO Observatory on Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts 
 - Ridas Matonis, Managing Director, Timelinks
 - Gordon Falconer, Strategy & Real Estate Manager, MASDAR
 - Robert A. Freling, Executive Director, Solar Electric Light Fund

H.E. Omar Shdeifat

Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research
Kingdom of Jordan

Building sustainable Future Capitals brings with it a huge responsibility for the environment. As such, it has become vital to work toward creating a healthy future for succeeding generations that is bound with the natural systems of the planet; its biodiversity and its ecological integrity. This session will debate the vision of sustainable Future Capitals when waste is efficiently managed; when the needless destruction of forests and diverse species has ceased; when there are many more parks, gardens and fountains; when new jobs have been created to produce goods and services by using natural resources innovatively and efficiently; and when global policies promote community living and end environmental threats to future generations. Join environmental leaders as they take a closer look at the priorities that will generate a better understanding of how government, business and individuals can partner to change the way we design, build, manage, live and work.

This session examines six critical priorities for 2009-2015:
On The Urban Future  Connected Communities: How to make technology work for living?
On Accountability Culture of Sustainable Living: Why YOU matters most? 
On Architecture Greening the Gray: How to co-exist in harmony with nature? 
On Human Energy The Energy Revolution: Why must the best of human energy innovate? 
On Slim Capitals  Slim Capitals 2015: How to make Ecotopia a reality?
On Water Security  Water Alert: How to avoid running dry?

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