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On Business Leadership: Pointing the Way to a Prosperous New Year 
TYPE Leadership Lab 
LOCATION Main Ballroom
DATE Wednesday, January 14, 2009 
TIME 02:30 PM - 04:00 PM 
T.H. Armen Gevorgyan, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Territorial Administration, Armenia
 - Dr. Thomas Andersson, President, Jönköping University
 - Robert Levin, CEO, Transclick
 - Sana Bagersh, CEO, BrandMoxie
 - Sheila Robinson, Director, Solvebrand Ltd & Chair SafetyNET
 - Daniel Evans, Managing Director, EI Capital
 - Dr. Caterina Rehm Berbenni, CEO, PROMIS@Service
 - Dr. Halah El-Sokari, Director of Strategy & Planning, Khalifa Fund

H.E. Dr. Vincent Biruta

Senate President 
Republic of Rwanda

Today's financial crisis provides signposts for business leaders to reinvent their business models and groom breakthrough leadership to grow and compete. Spotting failures that got business into this crisis is just half the battle. One of the greatest challenges to capture game changing opportunities in 2009 is to overcome the specter of business leadership failure. Instituting a disciplined culture of risk-taking will continue to be the growth engine for creativity. In a time of great uncertainty, good business leadership will require better judgment, and improved focus on strategies that stimulate balanced growth, stakeholders’ confidence, and knowledge innovations.

This session examines six critical priorities for 2009-2015:
On Leadership  Tall Order: How can business stop the free fall of the global economy?
On Confidence  Time for CEO 2.0: What actions will cure the ‘Madoff’ disease?
On Growth Acquisition or Consolidation: How to grow in uncertain times?
On Corporate Crunch It’s a Global Recession…You Are Fired: How to hire yourself in 2009? 
On Foresight CEO Foresight: How to navigate a downturn? 
On Market Trends The Future of the Property and Stock Markets: What’s the next big thing? 

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