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On Business Leadership: Pointing the Way to a Prosperous New Year 
TYPE Interactive Workshop 
DATE Wednesday, January 14, 2009 
TIME 02:30 PM - 04:00 PM 
 - Alfredo Scarfone, President, Centro Culturale de Milano
 - T.H. Leopoldo López, Mayor, Chacao, Venezuela
 - Patricia Smith Melton, Founder, Peace by Peace
 - Fadi Nahas, Chief Executive Officer, NA Plus
 - Peter Buffett, Emmy Award Winning Producer & Composer
 - HRH Princess Heide von Hohenzollern, Germany
 - Geoff Lawton, Managing Director, Permaculture Research Institute
 - Dr. Tapio Varis, Professor and Unesco Chair, University of Tampere
 - Curtis J. Schroeder, Group CEO, Bumrungrad International
 - Mark Erhart, Executive Director, Mubadala Healthcare 
 - Phil Harrington, CEO, YouBloom 

Dr. Paul Lefrere
Policy Adviser
Institute of Educational Technology
Open University

Would you like to know how to create a Future Capital that is simple, yet alluring– inspiring, intimate, legible, cultural, healthy, protected, diverse and engaging? This session points the way to the world’s foremost Future Capitals officials and business leaders to share top values, barriers and true differentiators for an increasingly urban place that delivers these life improving essentials to places, cities and regions—big and small.

This session examines six critical priorities for 2009-2015:
On Good Life  Ooh! La La, Here Comes the Sensible City: How to inspire, gratify and soothe the senses?
On Earning  Employment Hotspots: How to marry quality with community?
On Connecting Mayorship & Social Networking: What does this mean for business?
On Health Future Care, Future Capitals: Where is the cure? 
On Community Superior Community Living: Is it a Friend or Foe?  
On Legibility Legible Places: What are the 11 principles crucial for success?     

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