Agenda The Experience
Pointing the Way to Future Capitals: Are You in the Right Place? 
TYPE Interactive Opening Plenary
LOCATION Main BallRoom
DATE Tuesday, January 13, 2009 
TIME 02:30 PM - 04::15 PM 
Eithne Treanor, Special Correspondent in the Middle East, CNBC Europe
On Business Leadership:
- Dr. Thomas Andersson, President, Jönköping University
- Mohsen Moazami, Vice President, Emerging Markets and Globalization Center IBSG, Cisco
On Sustainability: 
- Dr. John Gathright, Founder, Growing Villages
- Dr. Aldo Iacomelli, Founder & Renewable Energy Expert, E-Cuber
On Resiliency: 
- Adnan Al Hammadi, Director of Rail Projects Construction, RTA, UAE
- T.H. Jason Azzopardi, Parliamentary Secretary for Revenue & Land, Ministry of Finance, Economy & Investment, Malta 
On Collaboration: 
- Chris Rainier, National Geographic Fellow & Photojournalist
- Ron Perkinson, President, Sampoerna Foundation
On Innovation: 
- Prof. Dr. Mark Harris, Global Director, Intel Higher Education & Research Programs
- Tunde Kallai, Founder, European Network of Living Labs
On Livability:
- Alfredo Scarfone, President, Centro Culturale de Milano
- T.H. Leopoldo López, Mayor, Chacao
Abdullatif Al Sayegh, CEO, Arab Media Group

H.E. Fatmir Limaj

Minister of Transport and Communications
Republic of Kosovo

While today's economic crisis is devastating for many cities, it is creating tomorrow's opportunities for the world's Future Capitals: the places that are the most likely generators of the next business boom. This session invites you to envision the world’s next great capitals and the qualities and values they share. Join celebrated strategists and executives to discuss how government, the private sector and civic institutions can cooperate in developing the potential and opportunities to create Future Capitals: 

  • Where business wants and needs are, 
  • Where talented people want to live, learn, work, raise families, 
  • Which can serve as models for Future Capitals to learn from, and 
  • Which are in touch and in tune with the world’s cultures, knowledge and innovations.

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