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The Future Capitals World Summit is bringing together investors and fund managers, business leaders, city mayors and heads of government from more than 50 nations. They will interact with a diverse group of experts and innovators in economics, development, technology, education, and the environment. All have the same goal of creating tomorrow's next great cities - the world's Future Capitals. 
  • Build collaborations and share innovative ideas in one of the world's fastest growing global examples of a perfectly balanced city, Abu Dhabi.
  • Leverage the opportunities to deliver your message to business and government leaders, industry experts, visionaries and representatives from over 50 nations. Catch them while they are in the mind-set of looking to building partnerships and collaborations; seeking opportunities to apply what they've learned to current and future projects in their cities. 
  • The Summit will demonstrate and celebrate ideas and best practices that are already succeeding in attracting human, intellectual and financial capital to cities around the world.
  • Using the city of Abu Dhabi as the catalyst to point the way to becoming a Future Capital, the Summit will share and showcase the six critical differentiators of the world's next great cities: legibility, creativity, sustainability, collaboration, resiliency and liveability.
  • A diverse group of delegates, including world-renowned visionaries like Britainís resident genius Stephen Hawking, Mexico's former President Vicente Fox, will bring their unique perspectives to the Summit.
  • Speakers and presenters will encourage questions and discussions through round tables and a Town Hall style meeting. Other sessions will take place in unusual venues and use technologies designed to encourage innovative and dynamic exchanges.



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